Avoiding the pests


There is no doubt that being in nature has its troublesome aspects. The main one being bugs, mostly harmless, but some of which can cause humans harm. In most cases, people avoid these critters by staying out of their natural habitat, but in some cases, the two worlds intersect, which can usually mean negative consequences for both parties involved.

Camping and hiking are especially troublesome for people in terms of insects, simply because most insects aren’t found in areas that are particularly inhabited by humans. Camping and hiking is usually done in more remote and underdeveloped areas that insects call their home. In order to avoid coming in contact with insects, dangerous or not, campers and hikers need to be extra responsible.

Spray up

Bug spray is still the number one defense for campers and hikers alike. And although it seems as though bug spray technology has not advanced much in recent history, the truth is that it has come a long way. Whether it is brad name or off brand bug spray, there are specific types that you should get depending on where you plan on hiking or camping.

Most of the time, the generic spray will do the trick, but in more secluded areas or areas with larger amounts of vegetation, it may be necessary to switch to the deep woods version, which is tailored toward specific insects that make their homes in tall grass or dense foliage. Knowing which spray to use can greatly increase your hiking or camping experiences.


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