Why do we love sports?


Sports might be the most recognizable form of recreation in the world, and it is much different than many other forms of recreation. Check this, most outdoor activities that people enjoy doing are not team sports nor are they televised around the world. Most of the time, competition comes from within, not from an outside source, and achievement is also self-realized. So why do we love sports so much as a culture?

The answer is that there is something biologically associated with tribalism and our team beating your team. There has always been an idea where a group of humans think that they are superior to other groups in every way, and this manifests itself in sports. Since we no longer have events that involve killing each other for sport, we use sports as a (mostly) nonviolent way to show that we are better than the other team or group of humans.

Biology today

Today, our biology is pretty much the same as it has always been. We will always think that whatever group we associate ourselves with is better than virtually any other group in terms of events that both participate in. Sports fills a critical role in our biology, and serves as a nonviolent way to manifest these feelings. In some ways it is comical, and in other ways it is just science.

Sports give us a feeling of belonging. Whether we are divided by country or city, we like to believe that these sports teams are extensions upon ourselves.

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