The importance of play


It is no secret that playing outside is something that is beneficial for everyone. In our daily lives, we spend a lot of time working in offices or cubicles, and that is not how people are biologically programmed. In essence, we are animals that have been conditioned to thrive in the outdoors. Theoretically, we should be chasing prey and resting only to eat said prey from a biological standpoint, but we have evolved past that necessity.

Now, our mostly sedentary lives force us to sit in confinement for much of the time, making it even more important to get out there and do something. It has been proven that people that are more active live happier and healthier lives, and for many, it is a constant struggle to make sure this happens.

Take for example

People that participate in marathons. They train tirelessly in addition to living their lives, committing to activities that make them get out there and move. This is just an example of how it has become more difficult than ever to stay active, but it is something that has been proven to prolong human life. People may think that recreation is just for fun, but it can actually save lives.

So the next time you think about sitting down and watching television, realize that there are other activities that can actually help you live a longer life. That even though we spend a lot of time indoors, that we can still maximize our lives through exercise.

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