About Hal

As someone that has long been a fan of recreational sports and outdoor activities, I feel as though there is a vein of untapped resources when it comes to enjoying what the world has to offer. For more than ten years, I have been an active member of my community in regards to recreation and someone that has been able to align many community members into positive goals.

During this time, I realized that people are often overworked and do not have time to truly enjoy themselves. Being an American, we pride ourselves on hard work and often forget that we also need to play in order to be truly happy. I have created this site as a way to connect with others and give them tips on how to make time for play.

Recreation is about fun, yes, but it is also about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Nobody can truly be happy unless they are able to enjoy their lives at times. I aim to give people a way to better channel their time and show them that you can also play as well as you can work.